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Our Pet Shower Head – in 4 awesome colours, makes bath time easy!


Made of high quality durable material, our pet bathing shower sprayer helps to save time & money without the need for bucket rinsing!


Modelled with an inbuilt shampoo storage space, our dog bath sprayer makes it easy to wash your pet & avoid fussing with a shampoo bottle at the same time.


The deep penetrating comb & sprayer combo creates a fluffy clean coat!


Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, our pet bath sprayer comes with a garden hose adapter for outdoor use but can also be used indoors with a hand-held shower unit.


As a bonus we’ve included a handy quick-dry towel to finish off bath time!


The cute pockets for your hands make it easy to give your pooch a thorough dry off after their relaxing bath!

Dog shower brush nozzle comb brush

  • Pet Shower Head

    • 4 awesome colours 
    • Easy to grip hexagon shape
    • Built in shampoo storage
    • 3 functions – off, water only, shampoo
    • Garden hose adapter included to use outdoors
    • Indoor or outdoor use

    BONUS - Quick Dry Towel

    • Hand pockets for easier grip
    • Machine washable
    • Soft microfibre material
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