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This doggy robe-towel allows your dog a bit of messy freedom!


After some fun in the sand and surf or in muddy puddles at the park, our dog robe towel is easy to slip on to protect your car on the ride home as well as inside your home.


The velcro straps keep the robe in place, and because the robe is tucked up between the front legs and underbelly your dog’s wet, sandy or muddy chest is covered over, giving you much more protection from the days adventure.


As a bonus we’ve included the Water Bottle Nozzle!


This simple silicone device is handy to have close by to wash dirty paws, mud and sand off your pooch with ease.


The nozzle simply screws onto most plastic bottles, such as a regular recyclable water or soft drink bottle and with a gentle squeeze the nozzle turns your bottle into a mini shower so you’re able to easily get rid of doggy muck!

Hundchen & Co Dog Towel Robes

  • Doggy Robe Towel

    • Velcro strapping
    • Adjustable belt
    • Five sizes
    • 2 Colours
    • Dries your dog quicker helping prevent ‘Hot Spot’ sores
    • Multi-use – after beach, pool, bath or park
    • Easy to clean & machine washable

    BONUS - Water Bottle Nozzle

    • Easy to carry with you
    • Fits most bottles
    • Use bottles you already have at home
    • Made from BPA free silicone
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