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The snuffle mat is an easy, compact & convenient way to help your dog have fun!


The snuffle mat’s suction cup keeps it in place while your dog rummages through the long felt leaves of the book to find hidden treats!


This fun nose-work activity for dogs stimulates their brain, the mat can be used as a training device and also alleviates boredom. Doggo’s simply LOVE it!


As a bonus you receive the much-loved Licky Mat.


Simply spread your dogs favourite treat on the mat and with the suction caps stick it to the fridge, shower screen, window or tiled floor and let your dog enjoy the sensation of licking.


Licking releases doggy endorphins, putting them in a state of relaxation and calm so its great to use during storms and bath time for anxious dogs (just stick the mat to one end of the tub), during car rides, or just FOR FUN!

Snuffle Mat and bonus Licky Mat

  • Snuffle Mat

    • Suction Cup
    • Long felt ‘leaves’
    • Folds up
    • Engaging
    • Easy to Clean - Snuffle mat is washable

    BONUS - Licky Mat

    • Suction Cups for easy use
    • Multi-use – bath, car, window
    • Easy to Clean – Licky mat is dishwasher safe
    • Made from food grade silicone and is BPA free
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